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Unique Features of The Golden History Books

In a Nutshell, the books:

  • written in the 1800s
  • compiled recently
  • written by the people who made California's history  
  • are compiled from primary sources including circa 1880s history books, diaries, journals, letters, and newspaper articles
  • have no interpretation, no editing (except for length), and no repetition between books. 
  • are NOT politically correct! 
  • have a restored 19th century photo on each page
  • have won both national and local awards
  • provide  poignant information with the most interesting presentation 
  • have an "edutaining" look at  history that will challenge any other available material
  • easy format with lots of short captions & side bars

Written in the 19th Century

Get the true character of the Gold Rush era in the words of the people who lived it. You'll delight in the colorful language of the time, you'll feel the joy, anguish and determination of the daring and brave people who conquered a new frontier. 

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You find the grammar, spelling and sentence structure very different than today's modern language, giving you a true look at this colorful era.

Remember you're reading words from dozens of different people. They came from many lands, walks of life, and levels of education. Each contributes a piece of this huge cultural puzzle we call California, so we hope you'll enjoy their various styles of writing as part of your trip through time.





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19th Century Photos on Every Page

There were thousands of photographs taken during the 19th century, especially from 1860 on. They are collected at dozens of different archives around the country and rarely brought together in such a comprehensive collection of  one era. You'll see some images that we 

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 literally had to wade through mouse droppings to rescue and restore. If you're an avid researcher and wish to spend hours in libraries and archives you may find many of the images and content yourself. Or, you can just pick up one of our books... we've done the work for you.

Visual Clues to Content

Icons on the side bars help you identify the type of information you'll find there. For instance, if you love old crime stories, just look for the hangman's noose. Click here and scroll down to see the icons and their meaning.

Content Screening

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There are only so many grizzly bear stories that will keep anyone's attention. There are literally dozens from which to chose. Whether it's grizzly bears or some other  topic, we try to eliminate the redundancy and miles of mundane content to give you a fun and lively read. You'll find only those stores that have a unique piece of information, unique perspective, or are conveyed in an interesting and fun way. And if you want more... 


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Web Access to Additional Information

Currently we're providing access to additional exhibits, like maps online. Eventually, we'll provide the source material, so book owners will be able to get even more depth and details about the areas and topics in which they're interested. When we have that portion of the site available, book owners will have a password to access that detail. 
Here are some of the things to look forward to...  

  • More content from each county from the c. 1880 history books. 
  • Access to the diary, journal, or letters of the contributors featured in the sidebars.
  • Access to more maps and other exhibits as they are located.




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