Help your students learn faster and retain the information better with interactive multimedia education.

Give your students a great new opportunity to grow, learn, and improve their academic performance. And, improve your school's overall achievement levels!

Interactive multimedia will provide your students with a fun way to learn California history that will be rewarding for them and your school.

The fully narrated program includes audio, photos, and lots of interaction. You'll find dozens of restored 19th century photographs, lots of historical facts, great narration, and audio stories from the pioneers, miners and settlers of early California.

You'll also get a detailed look at the terms and technologies of the day. For instance, when John Fremont talks about navigating his way to California, there is a complete section that explains the science he used to determine his party's latitude, longitude, and elevation. And you'll find explanations of the instruments used like sextants, compasses, chronometers, and other early technologies.

The Program

Content Pages: 92
Total Run Time: 75 minutes

Total Run time with class interaction: 185-395 minutes or 3-7 hours

Flash Cards: 123 (120-357 minutes or 3-6 hours)


The Gold Rush Interactive Multimedia Program includes:

A fully narrated presentation compiled from primary sources. This program is broken into seven modules for easy learning. It contains (details of):

  • 19th century explorers & their travel

  • Johan (John) Sutter, his Fort and Mill

  • Gold discovery & Californiaís rapid growth

  • Mining terms and methods

  • The science and technology of the era

  • Mother Lode geography with lots of maps

  • Dozens of 19th century California

  • First-person stories by the 49ers
    and settlers

  • Flash Cards to test retention

  • Printable scripts and teacherís guides

  • Links to other Gold Rush history information

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