Gold Rush Multimedia
Planned Upgrades

The 49ers - New Module - there are dozens of photographs and first-person stories from the 49ers, many of which will be featured in this new module.

Video - Approx. 45 minutes of made for PBS video by 5-time Emmy-winning producer

Testing Modules for all segments (lessons)


What 19th century topics would you like to see?

There are LOTS of different California and US history topics that would be appropriate for your students. Help us prioritize which topics we produce first by clicking on the topic name. It'll open an email link and you can either just send it off, or send it with comments about why you think the topic is important to your students.

Below are some topics we're considering. But we haven't thought of everything. Give us your input and we'll do our best to deliver the topics you want most. California's 19th Century:

Forts (Mason, Point, etc.)


Transportation: Stage Coaches,
    Teamsters, Wagons, Bridges


Famous people like the
        Big Four
        Levi Straus

Towns of the Mother Lode

Occupations and Industry

The Pony Express

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