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49ers & Pioneers Travel to California

Getting to California was no easy task. The overland travelers often traversed the entire 3000 miles from the east coast to seek their fortune. And, since everything they needed along the way had to fit into their wagon, it meant that the family walked the entire distance. There was simply no room inside the wagon once their provisions were stowed.

Your school can have an entire encampment on site. Everyone will be in period dress and we'll bring horses, wagons, and lots of kid-sized boxes, barrels and flour bags so they can help load up the wagon for the journey.

This can be a great learning experience and great fun for your entire school. If you don't have room on your campus, we'll help you find a nearby park or campground that can accommodate the program.

Call (916) 941-6394 today for details and to book a date.

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Traveling Trunk Program

Bring history to life for your students with this interactive “traveling trunk” presentation. Learn from a costumed Living History volunteer, dressed as a character from Folsom’s history. Complement the curriculum standards of the California Board of Education, with this fun and educational program. Inspire the students and improve their overall academic performance.


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