What Can Interactive Multimedia Do?

Interactive Multimedia (IMM):

  • enables student-centered learning with a choice in the path and rate that material is introduced

  • addresses several learning styles utilizing a rich variety of teaching approaches

  • promotes student interaction,
    experimentation, and cooperative learning

  • encourages team projects

Multimedia vs. Video

Trying to learn from video is like trying to drink from a fire hose. There's simply too much information presented too fast for anyone to absorb. And while you can certainly pause a video, you don't have a way to interact, get reinforcement of the message or easily go back and double check information.

Classroom Lecture vs. Multimedia Instruction

Researchers examined over 200 studies that compared learning via traditional classroom lecture to learning the same information via computer-based multimedia instruction. The students were in K-12, higher education, industry & the military.

Learning appeared to take less time when multimedia instruction was used. For example, one study that recorded:

  • an 88% savings in learning time with computerized instruction (90 minutes) vs classroom instruction (745 minutes)

  • a 39% savings in learning time (135 minutes for computerized instruction vs 220 minutes for classroom instruction)

  • 13 studies in which students using computers mostly for tutoring learned in 71% less time than students in traditional classroom instruction

  • eight studies, found that computer-based instruction took about 2.25 hours/week while classroom instruction took about 3.5 hours, a 36% savings in learning time.

Read the Highlights of this study

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