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Editorial Review

History bites: 

By Carlos Alcalá - Bee Columnist
Published 12:00 am PST Thursday, November 16, 2006
Story appeared in SOUTH PLACER ROSEVILLE section, Page G1

Although most of the '49ers were notoriously unlucky, or at least unable to hang on to much of their gold wealth, some folks can still mine the foothills profitably. Notable among them would be Jody and Ric Hornor, who are midway through a six-volume series of "Golden" books -- "Golden Corridor," "Golden Quest" and "Golden Highway" have been completed. They consider themselves compilers, having mined stacks of 19th century histories, letters, manuscripts and photos to put together bite-sized tales of the past. Their latest book, "Golden Highway," deals with the area around Highway 49 from El Dorado County to Sierra County. Its section on Placer includes the 1876 tale of one S.R. Kidder, owner of a prominent Iowa Hill mine. Kidder gave his watchman an order to shoot anyone he found near the mine, and then went to check up on the watchman. You probably can guess what happened next. Hear the Hornors read from their book Saturday at Winston Smith Books in Auburn. It's safe. No watchmen on guard. ...

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