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Golden Hub,

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Introduction Preview
Before the Gold Rush

Chapter 1: Sutter's Fort 1843 - 1846
Chapter 2: The Discovery of Gold Preview

Sacramento City
Chapter 3. The Beginning of Sacramento
Chapter 4: The Squatter's Riots
Chapter 5: Navigation Preview
Chapter 6: Floods & Levees 
Chapter 7: Fires & Fire Department 
Chapter 8: Public Buildings Preview
Chapter 9: Manufacturers Preview
Chapter 10: Agriculture 
Chapter 11: Railroads 
Chapter 12: Stage Lines, Hotels, Bridges & Express Companies Preview

Townships  Township Map
Chapter 13: Sutter 
Chapter 14: Brighton & Center Preview
Chapter 15: Granite (Folsom) Preview
Chapter 16: Mississippi & Natoma (Fair Oaks) Preview
Chapter 17: Lee, Cosumnes & Alabama 
Chapter 18: San Joaquin & Dry Creek (Elk Grove, Galt) Preview
Chapter 19: American, Georgian & Franklin 
Bibliography & Index: Preview


"...Like the previous four, this book, "The Golden Hub" is wonderful reading and since it is in the words of the people who lived in the 19th century, it carries the reader back to that time like no other book.

If you enjoy California history or even just wonder what life was like in the early days of the state, this is a book you need to have." more

Mountain Democrat
July 31, 2008


"...The Hornor books are fun to look at and read, I find. They really do convey well the tenor of the times and personalities of the colorful denizens of the Mother Load..." more

The Union
July 24, 2008



19th Century Sacramento 
Includes including Folsom, Fair Oaks, Galt, Elk Grove and surrounding communities.

Pages: 312 Photos: 280

with $45+ purchase


Press release

Award-Winning Local Publisher Introduces New Sacramento Book

May 28, 2008 – Pilot Hill, CA – The new, 312 page book, The Golden Hub – Sacramento is published in the Highway 49 Gold Rush town of Pilot Hill, only 40 miles from downtown Sacramento. The Golden Hub chronicles the birth and development of Sacramento City and County from Johan Sutter's 1839 New Helvetia and through the Gold Rush to the end of the 19th century. Publisher Electric Canvas, using the imprint of 19th Century Books, has found new gold in the Mother Lode with this, their fifth book in a series focusing on 19th century California.




"...Fascinating stuff for time travelers."

Sacramento Bee
July 20, 2008


"...Anyone who enjoys "seeing" history as well as reading about it will thoroughly enjoy this book and the other four in the series..."

Georgetown Gazette
July 17, 2008

The Golden Corridor and The Golden Hub use in Folsom History Bee -- Sacramento Bee features

January 3, 2009 feature



     Ric and Jody Hornor of Pilot Hill have compiled a fascinating 19th Century history of Sacramento and its surrounding townships.

     Much of the content comes from more than 5,000 source documents: newspaper articles, letters, diary entries, manuscripts and legal papers. The book also has several hundred restored photographs by 19th Century photographers that were gleaned from libraries and private collections.

     You'll learn from first-hand accounts about gold rush days, railroads, lynchings and squatters riots. It turns out that the McClatchys, founders of the newspaper dynasty, were once in the distillery business. And there's an account by a hunter who encountered a grizzly bear that was chasing a mule - and then the bruin turned its attention to the hunter.

     Prior to statehood, Capt. John Sutter's squabbles with the military government in Monterey make interesting reading. Sutter needed settlers on his land grant and wasn't picky.

     One entry says Sutter "had encouraged all the stragglers in the country to flock to his central position, and they being chiefly unmarried men, and some rather lawless spirits from the mountains, they soon formed a very independent set of men, and were quite competent to defend themselves. The Military Government at Monterey ... was prompted to send to Captain Sutter a committee of investigation. The Captain was so enraged at the indignity that he treated the committee with great contempt ...Whereupon the Government at Monterey threatened to send a military force, but thought better of the matter when they learned the character of the men Sutter had about him."

     Stephen Green, Capital Morning Report, Sept. 25, 2008


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